Data Point: Citi Prestige 4th Night Free Rebate Posted in 6 Days

Via One Mile at a Time, The Points Guy is reporting that Citi is rebating 4th Night Free stays on their Prestige card much faster than before.

I can actually speak to that with a specific data point, having just had a rebate post to my card earlier this week.

In my experience, rebates previously posted within five to six weeks, which is an eternity in the age of digital commerce.  So for a rebate to post in less than a week—color me impressed.

The irony here is that I haven’t even begun my stay—I don’t check in until later tonight.  I’ve never actually had a rebate post before my stay!

That said, it’s not an entirely fair statement to make, since this is the first time I’ve booked a nonrefundable rate in conjunction with a 4th Night Free stay.